What is titroo

titroo is your personal dietplan. A place where it enables you to record your daily eating habits, exercise and to set and achieve your nutritional goals. How is this done? Here's a brief overview of the most frequent questions you might come across :)

How does titroo help me in my daily life?

At titroo you update your diet daily, which helps you to:

  • Realize what you eat
  • Reach your desired weight
  • Plan your meals
  • Find what's missing from your diet
  • Stay on your nutritional target
  • Have a clear picture of your daily eating habits
  • You can also set various nutritional goals such as:
  • To lose or gain weight
  • Receive maximum or minimum amount of a nutrition element every day e.g. Protein
  • Also you are able to record the calories you burned

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How do I track food in my diary?

At the home page just type what you ate ot you plan to eat and a list of results will appear immediately. From there you click on what fits your search best. A window containing the nutritional information per 100g of food is shown directly. Select a date, time period and quantity and then press the tick upright.

Tip: In the quantity you can also select the amount and write down exactly what you ate or tap on the selection next to it and select one of the predefined quantities. In both cases you can use the arrow keys to change the amount

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How do I calculate the weight of a food?

Certainly no one walks around with a digital scale in her/his hand and many don't even have one at home. So how can you calculate the size/ amount of what you ate?

There are some ways to do this:

1. Wherever possible our database has several predefined values ​​

2. To estimate the size when there is no value, consider:

1 cup is as much a closed punch

1 palm (excluding fingers) is about 90-120g of meat

1 tablespoon roughly corresponds to the volume our thumb when bent

1 teaspoon is as much as the tip of our index

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I can't find a food

Try changing the search term first. If you were looking for a fairly complex food such as "spaghetti avocado", track the ingredients one by one, first the avocado and then the spaghetti. If it's a meal you often eat, you can create a user meal by going to my meals for easier entry next time.

If you cannot find the food at all, you can create your own food.

We would highly appreciate it, if you told us what the food was, so we could add it and make it available next time.

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How do I set a goal?

From the Menu top left, select My Goal . From there you choose whether you want to lose, gain or reach a certain weight and in how many days you want to accomplish it.

You can set as many goals as you want, but only one can be active at a time.

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What is a Meal?

Although our base has literally hundred of thousands of foods, it certainly doesn't have all the combinations of them. A meal is something you eat often and would cost alot of time to put the ingredients one by one in your food diary over and over again . By creating it once, as Meal , you can then add it either from the Menu and then < strong> My Meals , or directly from the Search Bar , as you would with any other food.

You can create a Meal, by going to Menu < / strong> and selecting My Meals.

For example, here are some of the meals we have created in our personal accounts "My Breakfast", "After work snack".

Your meals are not visible to anyone other than you.

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What is a Recipe and how can I define one?

You can create a recipe from the Menu top left.

Although our base has thousands of foods, it certainly doesn't have all the combinations of them. A recipe is something you cook often in many portions and it would take a long time to put its ingredients one by one into your food diary . By creating a recipe, you can then simply add a portion from either the Menu and then " My Recipes" or straight aheadfrom the search bar like any other food!

Also, by having already stated how many portions your recipe has, you don't need to count or calculate how much you ate. When registering, simply select how many portions you ate and you're ready!

Here are some examples of some of the recipes we have in our personal accounts "Mom's mac and cheese", "Leftover spaghetti"

Your recipes are not visible to anyone other than you.

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How do I manually register an activity from my smart device?

When you type an activity under the search box, select " Didn't find what you were looking for? Log burned calories manually! " and then Enter the activity name, date, duration, and calories.

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Found a problem or have a suggestion for improvement

If you have had any issues with the app or something is missing and would love to have it, feel free to tell us . We are very pleased to read your comments and suggestions and to constantly improve our app. Contact Here

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